I’m always bumping my head.

maybe I’m too tall…

Best update ever October 15, 2008

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It’s about time I replace that last entry. I hate reading my own melodrama.

Well, I’ve begun experimenting with comic book making. I’m already looking at a scanner to upload my work online, and it’s been a blast. The only downfalls I’ve had so far were

  • Negativity I have towards my work
  • All of the school stuff I’m supposed to be doing is getting dusty…

I once read that Taoists live by doing what they have an urge for. They sleep when they’re tired, they laugh when they’re happy, and apply this philosophy to other things like art and work. Perhaps this way I’ll be inspired to do more school work.

so I get good grades.

so I get into college.

I’m betting a lot on this philosophy.




Homework September 1, 2008

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I knew I should have worked on my Adv. Comp. paper earlier in the week… Here I go again, slacking off…

Today’s Agenda

  1. Finish Paper on Globalization
  2. Pick Flowers with Andrew P. (for A.P. Bio, thank you very much)
  3. Boil some salt water?
  4. Struggle with Globalization paper
  5. Study A.P. Bio notebook, because, the note packet is VERY vague.
  6. Stare at Ceiling
  7. Stare at Wall
  8. Practice Saxophone if time left from staring at wall
  9. Sleep

Hope everyone is having a good labor day!