I’m always bumping my head.

maybe I’m too tall…

About September 2, 2008

Right now, you’re probably wondering why, Zach, why? Well, to answer the following, I’ve made an FAQ. If you have a question, post it here. Maybe, just maybe, years from now, it will be answered.

Q:Why do you have a blog?

A: Having a blog like this lets me express myself. Even if no one listens, I love to do this kind of thing.

Q: What can we expect?

A:Hopefully, a constructive blog in which I leak my viewpoints. I also like sharing stuff I’ve come across on the WEB.

Q: Why is the name of your page currently “I’m Always Bumping My Head”?

A: Because being tall is not as great as people think it is. Unless you are coordinated (I’m not) you look clumsy when dancing. Also, doorways and ceilings tend to be out of a tall person’s favor and I’ve hurt myself several times because of my height.


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